There’s big money at stake in gambling’s $40 billion industry. Online casinos reach millions every year as gamers worldwide take a chance at winning the big jackpot. The U.S. is a ripe market for casinos. American gamblers lose a whopping $117 billion a year. Although the latest software gives an easy, hassle-free experience for online customers, players should check the home network set up to ensure optimal connectivity. Better connectivity may give a player an edge when betting against the house.

Troubleshooting three areas will ensure faster and more secure data transfers and page loads.

Check with your internet service provider to ensure that your plan has enough data to support online games. Don’t lose money because the game stalled or the site won’t load properly. Bandwidth is like a pipe that water flows through. Except, it’s the amount of data that moves through cabling as radio frequencies. Software downloads and updates use some data. For instance, a casino slot game could cost a player 1KB of data. A higher quality game will use more data to load animations, graphics, and sound. If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, you shouldn’t have problems. However, online casinos can eat up the data from pre-paid plans quickly.

Serious gamers use a wired Ethernet connection to surf the casino sites. It’s secure and stable. Wireless connections are less stable and security is not stellar. However, its convenience is attractive to gamblers who want to play online games while mobile. Mobile performance depends on a good connection. Wired connections allow for high-end routers that can handle high-speed games and other devices that may use bandwidth at the same time, such as tablets and other media devices.

The router organizes the data flow through the home and it can allow for the smooth flow of data streaming to and from the online casino. Routers prioritize media devices, giving the most important hardware the highest priority. Depending on what’s most important to the household, general web traffic may have a lower priority to online games. Advanced routers allow gamers to set priorities based upon device or application.

Whether you’re gaming at home or on the go, a robust network will help keep your data moving at high speeds, ensuring a seamless wired or mobile performance.