For casual gamblers, spotting value bets is a nearly insurmountable task. It’s through value betting that many successful punters have realized long-term success and profits. But seasoned punters don’t fall for random numbers; they invest in the right systems that help them spot values from the chaff and leverage on the opportunity.

Besides having an intuitive sense, leveraging on computer software can help spot tremendous opportunities to grow your bankroll. Computer systems make it easy to track value bets in a broad gambling market. Here’s how you can use computer systems to your betting advantage.

Have a betting model

For your chosen betting system to be potent, it must be operating within defined parameters. That’s why it’s paramount to develop a betting model that stipulates the markets you will specialize in, entry and exit strategy to employ, how to track your betting, and so on.

Automating the process of spotting value bets

Once you have a betting model in place, the next critical phase is automating the processes of spotting value bets. This entails having computer systems that analyze different leagues under your watch, team forms, player availability, and records. It’s at this level where you can have a plethora of value bets to choose from.

Bet analysis using software

At this level, computer software helps you collaborate with like-minded punters to analyze value bets you unearth in the above stage. Essential computer tools under this stage are communication channels, spreadsheets or related software for analyzing bets, and automated software for tracking progress in wagered stakes.


Sometimes you may have to revisit a team or an individual’s past performances to make the right call in future sports encounters. A computer system comes in handy in analyzing the recent performances and makes predictions based on the same. While teams and positions change over time, past predictions still play a vital in the gambling halls.

Parting shot

A computer system doesn’t replace intuitive research and the factor on the punting table. However, it saves you, the punter; hundreds of hours of research, emotions and possible mistakes resulting from tiredness or poorly researched punting.